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I’m sure we’ve all heard this phrase at least once in our lifetimes. Don’t fault someone for their actions; fault the situation they are put in… Or in gamer terms, don’t go into a nerd rage at the guy who pwned your ass in Modern Warfare 3; get mad at the game. Well, these days, you might actually find it to be an obsolete thing to say with today’s gaming society.

The gaming society seems have… well… degenerated over the past few years. No, it’s not the news of people dying in front of their computers or other game-related death (besides, more people die of water intoxication in the US per year). To sum it up, gamers have been reduced to a bunch of over-achievers and Chicken Littles with nothing better to look forward to in their lives. One little screw-up in their Modern Warfare 3 game or one little change in the newest DmC and queue the nerd rage.

Not that you need to lose your virginity to have a life.

And you know what? All we’re doing is further justifying it. Think of the last seven days of Modern Warfare 3, Halo: Reach, or Team Fortress 2 you’ve played that didn’t have some total fuckwad in one of those seven days.

Okay, so chances are, none of them were this hilarious. But I’m pretty sure that any of you can figure out that these are as disappointing as they are funny. Now, add to that the reactions of DmC, and how Dante was apparently “ruined forevah!”

I never knew gameplay mechanic changes were so much more important than anger issues.

I love video games, and I want the future of the gaming industry to be a bright one. But the term “gamer” tends to bring a bad impression upon the society. You know what they say, “A few bad apples spoil the bunch.” Think of how people think so negatively about hunting because of how the small percentage of hunters that break the rules, show general rudeness and disregard to all others in society get all the attention.

Now is this what we want the gaming society to become? People who all love the same thing who just lash out at others for loving the same thing? A bunch of man-children throwing temper tantrums over a video game? The memories of this great age in video gaming to only be remembered as the time when gamers did nothing, but go at each other’s throats? A video game, in the end, is just a toy. A. Toy. Seriously, what the fuck is a toy gonna do to us if it sucks? Granted, hunting has the excuse that it is a great help to the ecosystem. But gaming offers next to no help or harm to the ordinary man. And yet, gamers are just proving to the rest of the world wrong; that we’re just a bunch of man-children so detached from basic humanity that we become animals at the slightest mention of a video game.

That is fucking disgraceful.

I don’t know what it means to be a gamer, but I sure as hell know that shit like this is a shame to what it means to love video games, and it’s a shame to what means to be a human. We can do a lot better than pieces of shit like this guy. We can love our games, we can love our gamers, we can love ourselves, but failing all of that, we can at least prove we’re human enough to not go at each other’s necks! It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a toy is not worth enough to abandon our basic common sense and courtesy, and try rip the other guys’ throats out. If any of us are to love video games without getting the disgusted looks of others, we need get our acts together, grow the fuck up, and come to realize that people come before anything else.

If this is the future you want, you can damn well be my fucking guest.


I just want to have some hope for gaming. I just want to be able to live knowing that what I love won’t become something I’ll only come to hate. Normally, I don’t like to advertise myself. But if anyone out there is like me, a game lover who just doesn’t want the very people he can connect with the most to ruin what he loves, spread the word. If we’re gonna how people look at games and gamers, than us gamers are gonna have to change the way we look at games, as well as ourselves.