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So, as you can probably guess, I’m one of many, many internet virgins who’s never had a girlfriend…

Hey, don’t judge me.

Just because I’ve never had a girlfriend doesn’t mean that I, in no way possible, can’t enjoy romance. And today, I’ve enjoyed my bit of romance, in the form of…

This game may the cutest, most diabetes-inducing game I’ve ever played, and whoever made this deserves the internet. In this game, you get to your locker and, guess what! You find yourself a love letter! So all you have to do is read it alone. The catch? You’re the most popular kid in school, and it’s the middle of the five minute passing period, meaning a crowded hall and lots of other kids are gonna be talking to you with cute li’l speech bubbles like “Sup”, “Hey”, and “Hi”. The innocent approach to the stealth element in gaming makes this sweet, but what makes it worth it is the moment you hold down that mouse button, hear the familiar tune, and watch as the words scroll down.

If you have a heart, then you must play this game.