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Well, it’s official. Black Ops 2 has gone from being “Cold War-fare (hehe, pun) to “Future Warfare”. And from the looks of it, it may turn out to be some interesting stuff. Treyarch has always been noticeably superior to Infinity Ward in terms of narrative. Despite how awesome the Modern Warfare series was, it still lacked the kind of narrative that makes the down-to-earth player think twice about the point of war.

If you’ve visited the Youtube page, then chances are, you’ll sooner or later find comments complaining about the whole dystopian future thing going on in the game. Oh, why’re they making it a dystopian game? That’s so unoriginal, hurr hurr. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how in the wrong those kinds of punks are.

I mean, hello? Unmanned vehicles and weapons? As awesome as that kind of shit would be, the possibility of that very technology we made turning against us is not out of the ordinary. We’ve come across several films that have explored the theme of future tech possibly causing our downfall. We’ve got the film adaption to the novel I Am Legend that showed the result of how humans have gotten arrogant to try curing cancer. While they succeeded, they also managed to create a race of zombie-vampire things. Then there’s also I, Robot depicting robots becoming intelligent enough to try killing off the human race in order to protect Earth’s natural state (at least, as natural as it was in that time). And how can I possibly forget about Blade Runner, the original dystopian future film that was the epitome of questioning the argument humanity vs. technology?

The plot can easily be summed up as some asshole who takes control of the unmanned war technology to spark a war between Eagleland and some other country for some unforgivable reason. Just the fact that this is basically a future Cold War using unmanned tech is a wake-up call to how tech can be very, very, very easily used to destroy who it’s supposed to protect.

Yep. War, children, is just a shot away.