As you probably guessed from the large number of hyperlinks I’ve inserted in my post, that lead to TV Tropes, I’m a troper. However, these days, it’s been getting kind of boring and I’ve not much to really complain about that won’t take a full friggin’ day. So, I guess I’ll just

Trope Myself

For the most part, the list will be in alphabetical order.

Asian and Nerdy – I’m a writer, I love anime, video games, and TV. I’m naturally good at math (though I really don’t care about it)

Boomerang Bigot – Downplayed. While I don’t hate other Asians, I find myself rather annoyed whenever they express some of the negative stereotypes associated with the culture. Leading to…

Berserk Button – Racial scapegoating, embracing/exploitation of negative stereotypes. I grew up having to tolerate this shit. Also, almost anything badly written, and Harem Genre.

Brilliant, But Lazy – Skated into college without a sweat. Turns out, that’s not a really good thing.

Deadpan Snarker – Gee, like no one’s ever noticed.

Hair Trigger Temper – Downplayed. While I’m not constantly angry, I find myself rather easily annoyed.

Nerds Love Tough Schoolwork – Hell Fucking No! Homework is the bane of my happiness and enjoyment! Screw what my family and culture thinks, I’d rather spend my days not glaring at a fucking textbook!

Neat Freak – Zig-zagged. My room is in a state of organized chaos. Though it looks like a mess, I know where everything is. Though when I do clean up, I intend to keep it that way until I decide otherwise.

Occidental Otaku – While I love J-pop culture, I’m strongly aware of, and feel a stronger respect for Japan’s traditional culture and views.

Proud to Be a Geek – Damn right, I am.

Serious Business – With how I take writing in general, it had to be said.

Sophisticated As Hell – Someone’s probably noticed how some of my deeper, more antiquated posts also tend to curse.

That’s all for now. Something to fill in the space. Hope I’ll get the next post out sooner.