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Play this game. Don’t ask why, just play this game.

To explain some things, this game is called¬†Loneliness. It’s a ‘notgame’ Jordan Magnuson was developed as a way of speaking out about disturbing trend of children and adolescents (especially Korea) that are unsatisfied with their lives, one of the main reasons being, you guessed it, loneliness.

Solitude has always been a double-edged sword in humanity. For the number of people that are geniuses capable of single-handedly tackling problems that would baffle the common man, it’s helps in that you don’t have anyone… less competent getting in your way. But humans are social creatures, thriving because of its nature of working together of tackling such problems. They see a loner, its in their gut instinct to avoid that problem. “That person isn’t like us,” they can’t help but think. “S/he’s never with anyone, that person is alien to us.”

Solitude has never been too much of a problem for me. I’ve always worked alone and that reflected in how I played this game,¬†Loneliness. I started off, mostly avoiding the other black dots, seeing them as obstacles. But as I moved on and accidentally got too close to one of the groups, I noticed how they all scattered and vanished. That was a little weird, but then I kept going and eventually encountered the wall of dots. I felt that it was going to be annoying, but pushed on…

and they simply scattered…

Despite being a loner, this actually kind of hurt. My style of loner mostly involves “don’t mind me, I won’t mind you.” But to have what is basically everyone suddenly just… avoid you in such a way reminded me. Y’know? It’s one thing to be a loner. But simply being alone? I suddenly realized that, as much I don’t want people to be in the way of my life, I still need them in my life. In the end, humans are level with each other. To be so fundamentally divergent meant to be the only one of your kind. As I continued on to the darkness, I realized the sad existence it is to literally be alone…

Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below. I would like to encourage you to share this game as well, as it was an enlightening experience that I wish to share with others.