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Okay, I’ll confess, I’m a fan of PewDiePie and Tobuscus. As for UberHaxorNova, not really, but I’ve got no reason to hate him so he’s cool in my book. But seriously, this fan war has gotten to the point of being just…… absolutely FUCKING STUPID.

Let’s face it, on the internet, there are no boundaries. We can let our imaginations run absolutely buck wild and put up or find whatever we want… most of the time. But with that freedom comes a lot, and I mean A LOT of bad shit. And on top of that is the anonymity they are given to quite literally avoid any possible consequences. Possible methods to try and mitigate the now growing numbers of trolls and the like are shot down by the desire to keep the freedom we’re given on the internet. And I understand that. Without the freedom of the internet, I can’t enjoy the writings I do on this blog or the time I waste away browsing through YouTube. Without the freedom that we’re given on the internet, I can’t open up my own world, even if it’s only by a little bit. Which is why I use the freedom we’re given on the internet to say this:

We’re better than this.

The internet also serves as a refuge for those that feel that they’re rejected by society. Where those people turn them away, we welcome them (well, as long as it’s within reason). And I would like the internet to continue being so. But we’re also all human. I’ve heard people say that it’s kids being kids. That’s not an excuse. And besides, there’s a good chance that a number of these people are grown men, who should know better. I’ve heard people say that it wouldn’t be the internet with this kind of crap. That is the argument of cowards and trolls. I’ve learn from my social psychology classes that people are more likely to perform such actions under an anonymous guise. I say, if we’re clever enough to do so, we’re clever enough to resist so.

I don’t have to be having a tea party with every last damned person on the internet. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have standards.  While there isn’t much on the internet keeping me from doing the wrong thing, I still won’t do it. I set my own rules for what I do. See, the thing is that while we all use the anonymity, with varying extent, it doesn’t take someone with X-ray vision to tell that these are human people hiding behind a paper-thin disguise. What I say, what I do, can help or hurt them, quite possibly to the same effect as in real life. And these people who hide behind anonymity, who think that because they can’t see the victims for their unmitigated hate, are truly some of the lowest scum of the Earth. They feel that they’re getting attention? They’re not. All people see is the persona they take-up for the sake of the internet, but even that doesn’t hide their cowardice.

But they needn’t worry about me dolling out any punishment. The real world is an unavoidable dimension that all people will have to face. Anonymity can only keep someone safe for so long in the real world after all…