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Well, it’s been at least two years since my last post. I’ve mostly been busy with my offline life, and I haven’t really been mustering up the motivation to continue what was mostly just a hobby. So, after those two years I’ve decided to… beat a dead horse… Okay, so maybe it’s not a dead horse. For some reason, people just keep choosing to resurrect this particular horse only to beat to death again. So, I figured I might as well throw my own 2 cents in.


It’s no secret that a lot of people on the internet hate Felix Kjellburg (better known to us denizens on the internet as PewDiePie). He’s vulgar, he screams a lot, he tends to do stupid things when playing, and the list goes on. Those who’ve watched him and hated him will go out of their way to comment on how they hate him. Those who haven’t watched him and hate him (by some strange line of logic) will go out of their way to comment on how they hate him. Hell, there’s even an anti-PewDiePie tumblr! (I’m not gonna provide a link, and I politely ask that you don’t even search it up. I don’t want to give them any traffic. Explanation why later.)

And yet, he’s landed as the most subscribed channel now (discounting YouTube’s own channels), weighing at over 26 million subscribers (that’s 6 zeroes in case you’re wondering). Even Notch is a fan! He’s held multiple charities for causes from kids with cancer, to providing drinking water, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars (which I will provide a link to. Come on, it’s charity. I’m sure that time spent on that is worth more than when it’s spent on hating him). He’s the happy owner of two pugs, Maya and most recently Edgar. He has a girlfriend by the name of Marzia, who does fashion related videos, make-up tutorials, and so on; and they have a loving relationship that puts many internet romances I’ve seen to shame (and I haven’t seen many, so I guess that hardly counts for anything). He may be vulgar, loud, obscene, and less than genius, but there is no doubting that he’s a good person, and he loves what he does (which is more than what I can say for most people).

So, why all the hate for him?

Well, aside from the kind of people who just simply and understandably dislike him for their own reasons, it mainly started when Retsupurae, a channel that riffs “bad” YouTube channels, did a video on him. I put quotations there because Retsupurae is infamous in that they quite frequently get backlash in their videos, whether or not whoever they’re riffing actually is bad. They pretty much drive a bias steamroller in that a lot of people hop on, often believing that whoever they riff really is bad. In said video, Pewds made a comment that insinuated that he was only in it for the money. And, well, things took off from there. A combination of a zealous fanbase and a rabid hatedom swirled together and, just like with mixing roses and tuna, simply created what was quite bluntly a complete shitstorm.

Pewdie as since apologized for the controversy. However, the hatedom is still going at it (as you can probably find in the comment section of said video). You can probably jump on any gaming channel like Achievement Hunter, Markiplier, theRadBrad, UberHaxorNova; hell, even Cry, and they’re practically best friends! You might need to do a little digging, but I guarantee that somewhere, there is someone, for whatever reason, going on about how much he hates PewDiePie.

So what are the reasons for people to hate him?

Well, as I said, he’s loud, vulgar, has a habit of doing dumb things while he’s playing, and his form of humor is… a little out there to say the least. And these are perfectly understandable. People naturally have different tastes, and not everyone is gonna like him (the 26 Million subs may say otherwise, but that’s still a far cry from the population of the entire planet). Sure, they may get bitchy about it, but in the end, people are entitled to have an opinion (even if they’re gonna be a dick about it).

The more likely reason, though, is because he’s so damn popular that people apparently find a reason to hate him. Namely, his fans. As I mentioned, his fans tend to get rather zealous when defending him. Unstoppable force meets immovable object, and all that’s left is for the two sides to duke it out and invariably drag any poor sap who gets involved down with them. On top of that, because he has so many fans, people are afraid of their own stuff being “invaded” by people who like PewDiePie, whom they see as the Lowest Common Denominator of internet fandoms. Adding to that, a lot of other LetsPlayers, aside from those Pewds frequently plays with, have also voiced their hate for PewDiePie. PewDiePie is standing out so much, that it just simply makes him an easy target. A combination of popularity, worship, and opinion ends up leading to one of the many, many piles of shit that folk like me call a hatedom.

Which is why I’m saying this. Not as a fan of PewDiePie. Not as fan of Rooster Teeth. Not as a fan of anything, but as one of the many denizens of the internet… Hate is a scary thing in that it almost always leads us to doing the wrong thing. In this case, the arguments over who’s the better YouTuber, people complaining and flinging slop at PewDiePie, and those even go so far as to spread lies such as him beating his girlfriend. You find his fans, and you don’t like them. However, you blame everything solely on him. And now, now, you go so far as to attack Atlus Games because he’s playing their most recent game Daylight. But this isn’t what I’m trying to say. What I’m trying to say is…

Your hatred for PewDiePie is fucking stupid.

Putting it lightly, you’ve gone full-retard and are on the way to turning the internet into an unsafe community to be a part of. It’s enough that you’re letting the arguments overflow to other videos, whether or not they have anything to do with gaming. You’re letting it overtake your better judgment, throwing anything that can prove to be good for the gaming community under the bus, and for what? Some Swedish guy you don’t like? Is he that much of a threat to you, that you’ll attack anyone who dares associate with him? Are you afraid of being uncool, and thus joining and partaking in the hatedom just because you want to “belong”?

And that’s not even the end of it. More than often, people make the accusation that everyone who is a fan of PewDiePie is immature or stupid. But if any of you have seen how out-of-hand the flame wars have gotten, you probably see that the opposite is true even more so. I’ve seen too many arguments where those against PewDiePie resort to petty insults, justifying their idiocy with minuscule numbers rather than with logic and reason, and devolving to making personal attacks on others; rather than presenting their reasoning with even a shred of intelligence.

Voice Actor Crispen Freeman once pointed out a problem with people who “criticize” saying that it’s all too often they go from criticism to insults at a drop of a hat. He’s dealt with people making fun of him before, which is one thing. But some have gotten so far as to try and attack him as a person, not an actor. And that’s the problem I see here. People have taken this hatedom too far, attacking PewDiePie as a person, not an entertainer. It’s baseless, disgusting, and serves as living proof of how depraved people can get if they really think that they can attack the person over his form of entertainment.

This is an open denouncement, not to the hatedom, but to those who let that hatred get the best of them. This is me saying that you’re pathetic, not because you dislike a YouTuber, but because you’ve degenerated into posse of brats. And this goes to those who perpetuate this cycle as well. TotalBiscuit, Jim Bonacci, now recently Atlus Games, and so on. Fear, bias, or whatever goes on in your heads is enough to let you keep this cycle going. But this isn’t playing it off; it’s complacency. The internet has become a huge part of your lives now, as it has to mine.

But this is not me saying to stop hating PewDiePie. When I think about, this pretty much goes for every YouTuber you hate. You can hate them all you want, because it’s okay for you to hate something. It’s when we lose all sense of decency when it becomes a problem. And that’s what I see right now: a lot of people finally losing their sense of decency over something so god damned petty.

Let us not assassinate ourselves any further, people.