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Okay, so in my last post, I made an open denouncement aimed towards the hatedom towards Felix Kjellburg, aka PewDiePie. Looking at it from the big picture, it’s something that really needs to be said because, compared to all the hatedoms I’ve seen, not only it is the one of the biggest I’ve seen; possibly outsizing those aimed at DarkSydePhil, Justin Bieber, Twilight, Chris Brown, and every single other YouTube gaming channel combined; it is also possibly the most idiotic one of all, based on pure and simple logic. The examples I named in the sentence prior actually have earned their hatedoms. DSP is not only an idiot,  he’s an awful excuse for a gamer who practically never recognizes his own mistakes. Justin Bieber not only made a hit without doing a bit of innovation in the music industry, but has been showing himself lately to be a complete brat. Twilight is just a ploddingly written romance with even worse characters. And Chris Brown… well, Chris Brown is Chris Brown.

Felix Kjellburg… well… he screams a lot, doles out a lot of crass and often obnoxious humor, makes a lot of tired jokes, and makes a lot of stupid mistakes… Hmm…

Why does that sound familiar?

See what I’m getting at here?

Going by style of entertainment, Felix’s approach has proven to be popular; but at its basics, it’s nothing particularly new. Ironically, we celebrate these other guys despite the fact that their humor more often than not crosses the line, as well as being crude, crass, and obnoxious. Going by that logic, we should really be hating these guys, who have been at such a sense of humor far longer than Felix has been and on a bigger magnitude, far more so than we hate Felix.

And when it’s not that, we demonize the guy apparently because he…

Jesus Christ, what in the world are you doing just staring at this thing, it's a charity for Chrissake, get on that thing and donate already!

Uh… rapes children?

Btw, this is the first picture he ever put on Instagram.

Um… Abuses his (long-time) girlfriend?

Because he’s… a duck…?

Y’know, the more I look at this hatedom, the more I just completely fail to see why people actually hate him. With the previous examples in the first paragraph, we find out that they really just not good people. But the more I look at this guy, the more I see that, well, he’s actually a pretty good guy in the end. Sure, he doesn’t seem to have a good taste in comedy, but I hardly find that to be a reason to actually treat him like the scourge of humanity. We constantly cry and whine that he’s a jerk, a douche, a monster, shit like that, and yet a real look provides evidence of nothing but the contrary.

So, seriously, why do people hate PewDiePie? Because the more I look at it, I more I don’t think it actually has anything to do with the man himself, nor the nature of his content.

Attribution Bias

Growing up, it was very often people would blame their own problems on others. It was the stock bully tactic, and teachers always fell for it, hook line and sinker… except that there’s a catch. You lie to others enough, you start to believing in your own lies.

If you’ve heard a phrase that goes something along the lines of “If you drive badly, it’s because you’re not in top shape. If someone else drives badly, it’s because they’re assholes”, then you already know what I’m talking about. It’s no secret that PewDiePie has one the most hated fandoms. Needless to say, they really, really, really like the guy. And overall the biggest reason why people direct their hate towards Felix Kjellburg; because they pin the cause the behaviors of his fandom on him alone. If not that, they take the way he plays games and assume that’s the way he is in real life.

Thing is, the normal person would just simply recognize it as a strong, if irrational amount of love some a person or an object. After that, it’s off on their merry way they go. Even if they don’t like the guy or his fanbase, they don’t stick around to pick a needless fight.

Not this hatedom, though. Any reaction from the hatedom may as well be the definition of an irrational reaction, as they make bold claims that PewDiePie is the worst thing to have ever happened to the internet.

Just sayin'.

Just sayin’.

Notably, a lot of people like to mistake Felix’s behavior as he plays for how he is in real life, very much forgetting one crucial fact: He is an entertainer. A lot of entertainment involves things that wouldn’t be comfortable or okay in a normal social situation, no matter how out there it is. One prime example of something like this would be Stephen Williams, aka Boogie2988.

The first thing Stephen is probably best known for the “Francis Hates” videos, featuring the man himself taking on the role of the stereotypical gamer: obese, unintelligent, and extremely immature; flying into a rage over things. And boy does he do it well. Very often, these issues “Francis” gets angry over concern grouse-worthy moments taking place in the game industry, and so “Francis'” rage is more or less an exaggeration of how a normal person would react.

The other thing Stephen is best known for is that on followup videos, he relays this information in a much more calm and erudite manner, giving his take on the subject without particularly shoving anything down people’s throats, promoting intelligent discussion over these issues. Stephen is also happily married.

Then again, it’s also a fact that average intelligence of an American TV watcher equates to that of a 5th grader. If that’s just TV, then there’s no doubt that the Internet is substantially lower and it shows. Sadly, a lot people take his “Francis” persona at face value and subsequently assume that’s what Stephen is actually like, failing to recognize just how exaggerated the persona is. The case is the same with Felix, as people assume his crude humor and loud reactions equate to his non-entertainer persona.


Yes, yes. We’ve heard this one before. Oh, it’s been so many times. It’s not valid any more. It’s a cliche.

That, however, is where you are wrong. Even if it is one of the most common sparks for hate and anger, it doesn’t make it any less of a valid reason. What I’m getting at is simple. It’s a cliche because it’s true. Humans, no matter how advanced out brains are, are still animals. We have that natural instinct to be on top of the fucking world, while kicking off whoever already has that crown. And with 25 million subscribers and still counting, making him the most subscribed channel on YouTube, it seems as though PewDiePie is on top of the world. On top of that, he leads a happy life, and he has a girlfriend who loves him back. Even if he isn’t living in a mansion, Felix may as well be living the life. Jealousy is one of those things few people will confess to without a hint of malice. We attribute it to childish behavior. Admit it, growing up, you wanted to be the guy who was better than you, whether or not he was real. And because we created this stigma of jealousy being something heinous, we’re afraid to admit it ourselves.

But what people fail to see is the fact that it isn’t jealousy itself that’s childish; it’s what people do out of it. And here, it’s pretty clear that the hatedom wants to just salt the fucking earth if they can’t bring down the terrifyingly powerful and demonic PewDiePie. Oh, it’s a battle of unstoppable force vs. immovable object!

…Scratch that. It’s just immovable object vs. force that no one apparently has the fucking balls to throw into the corner where it belongs. And speaking of belonging…

To Segregate who and who doesn’t “Belong”

On the other side of the pack mentality coin, there is the sense of need to “belong”. Humans are a social creature and so we seek out those like us. And those who aren’t like us, we ostracize and greet with hostility. But we also side with those who share the same target of our hostility. It then becomes a cycle as they look for more and more, trying to feel like they “belong” as much as possible.

It all started with the Retsupurae controversy. For those who don’t know, Retsupurae is a series of videos from regulars of the Something Awful forums. They essentially play the MST3K of web videos, YouTube Channels, and other amateur internet-related media. It’s understandable, as Sturgeon’s Law is very much in effect on the internet, and there is no shortage of people who create crap content under the idea that they’ll be the next big thing; which where Retsupurae comes in, to mock and insult the living hell out of them.

Unfortunately, I fear that it’s created a delusion of authority. While a lot of the stuff they mock really is crap, the problems are too many people take their content as authorization to devolve into even bigger assholes, and that their “comedy” isn’t so much “comedy” as it is flinging insults and trash at people on the internet, compared to the actual crew of, say, Rifftrax, who time their jokes and cracks to the theme and situation. But just like a snowball rolling down a really big fucking hill, it’s only a matter of time before there is just simply no possible way to avoid it.

What I’m getting at here is that there just simply isn’t a middle ground left to stand on, due to the hatedom literally being unable to comprehend or accept that someone simply doesn’t hate PewDiePie. With the momentum and size it’s gained, all they ask is simply “why shouldn’t they stop?”. It’s become a “with us or against us” mentality, one that has contributed to why even here on the internet, people can’t just bury the hatchet with something they don’t like, but they don’t hate either. And at this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the people who claim to hate the guy don’t even actually hate him… they just say it just to be part of a group.

Hipster Hatedom

This is a bit of an oddball, but with the rise of contemporary hipster culture, it’s also no surprise that people seem to have a termite chewing on their scrotum when someone brings up a person as popular as Felix. With accusations that he’s “fake”, or taking on the usual pretentious hipster attitude raise their noses at the sight of someone who likes PewDiePie. There is no end to how many people simply hate him because he’s now “mainstream”.

But by joining the disproportionately large hatedom, aren’t they also becoming part of something that’s also “mainstream”? Whoopsie. A major hypocrisy I find here is how they constantly accuse the fandom of being drones, immature, stupid, etc. Now, here’s a little drinking game: Go on a video spree for, like 20 videos or so. For every comment you find insulting PewDiePie and his fandom, take a shot. For every comment you find insulting PewDiePie and his fandom when the video or conversation has nothing to do with him, take another shot. For every insult that involves a slur such as “faggot”, take another shot. For every video where the video’s creator insults PewDiePie and his fandom, chug that baby down.

If you’re not plastered by this point, you’re either not drinking alcohol (which is okay, I’m not one for alcohol myself) or you’ve got a hell of a liver. But that’s besides the point. By this point, you’ve likely seen just how much the hatedom fits its own accusations.

It also fails to hold water because this is, again, people making assumptions and acting on them, rather than taking the time to figure out what in the bloody hell is going on.

This is the one that bugged my mind as I wrote this. I wondered if I should really put this one as a reason or not. It just seemed so mind-boggling, so incomprehensible, that I was a little afraid that I’d just lose what little credibility I had in the first place.

But, fuck it.

The final reason… is that there just isn’t one.

Let’s face the fact here. Hate is motivation with no purpose or direction. It propels us in whatever direction we seem to be facing at the time… just never up or forward. It’s something that we talk about avoiding at all costs… and yet it feels so good. There just isn’t anything like finding the smallest little thing to justify your otherwise impotent rage. You find it and suddenly YESIHAVEAGOODREASONTOHATETHISTHINGI’MGONNALETPEOPLEKNOWHOWMUCHIJUSTABSOLUTELYHATEITI’MGONNAJERKTHEFUCKOFFANDSALTTHEFUCKINGEARTHWITHMYSEMENAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASuddenly, they just find this Swedish guy who gives South Park a run for its money, and because everyone else hates him, fuck it, join the fucking bandwagon.

Or it could be something else. Something that’s… actually kinda sad when I think about it. As they try to justify their anger, they find evidence that refutes it. Felix also posts videos of himself when he’s not doing something game-related or comically stupid. Here, he’s just a normal gamer… and what I see is that it creates a cognitive dissonance in the hatedom. Someone holds to the belief that PewDiePie should be hated, that when they see him actually doing something good, nice, beneficial, it’s like having someone take a sledgehammer and swing it at your house of cards. It’s really kind of pitiful…

Either way, the possibility as to why people hate is simply for the sake of hate itself. Have you ever checked out one of those YouTube ranters such as Archfiend or Amazing Atheist? If you have, you probably know what I’m talking about: people who don’t just simply get angry, they look for excuses to get angry. They try to stick to their guns as much as possible and bare their fangs at anyone who isn’t them, while constantly trying to play up to the image of being intellectual (yeah, I’ll believe ya).

But wait, aren’t you forgetting something?

No. I’m not. I’m just choosing not to list it as a reason…

What I’m talking about of course is PewDiePie’s form of entertainment. His shrill screams, his gluttony for the scenery, his overreactions, and his stupidity-induced mistakes.

Yes, this is a valid reason. To which, I invalidate with… well… Take it away, Stephen Fry.

So fucking what, indeed.

I’ll just say what everyone says: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But something everyone should realize that it doesn’t give them power. It doesn’t mean they’re right. It doesn’t mean they’re wrong either. But what people don’t like about your opinion is when you think it grants you all the power in the world. This is especially when your argument amounts to “I don’t like this”, it just doesn’t hold water. And to top it all off is one simple fact: The world isn’t here to cater to you specifically.

A lot of people in the hatedom try to make it sound reasonable or logical by complaining about PewDiePie’s style of humor. Well, to quote the good Fry man, “So fucking what?”. Look, I don’t particularly like South Park or Seth MacFarlane’s brand of humor, but I hardly find it to be justification enough to throw a tantrum about it. Sure, it says something about what they think is funny, but in the end, I have nothing on who they are as people.

Felix, and a metric fuckton of other famous YouTubers, however, have proven themselves to be good people. They’ve more than given enough evidence that even if you don’t like their style of entertainment, there just simply isn’t anything to demonize them for.

I recognize that this quote was originally attributed to religion. And in that context, it’s an iffy argument. But here, I’ve no doubt that it is something to take as gospel.

But end point, what am I getting at here?

Well, at first, I just did it for the sake of doing it; an quick and brief analysis of one of the biggest, and undoubtedly the dumbest hatedoms on the internet. One that causes people to lose all sense of decency, leading them to essentially assassinate themselves, salt the fucking earth, and act like rugrats behind a pillow fort with a “No cooties sign”… except they retain the appearance of adults. I had a feeling that I wasn’t gonna draw any real conclusions as to why people really hate Felix Kjellburg.

But as I questioned the lack of rhyme, reason, and logic behind this hatedom, it came to me. DarkSydePhil is hated for his poor attitude and gaming skills, Justin Bieber for his repeated immaturity, Twilight for its awful idea of romance and moral inspirations, Chris Brown for… Chris Brown. Hell, even the hatedom aimed towards My Little Pony has some form of logic in that it’s a reaction born of how our culture had spent centuries, maybe even millennia, building this idea of masculinity and machismo. These particular hatedoms, though; they hardly get as much publicity as the hatedom aimed towards some Swedish dude. What form of logic is that, I asked. What evidence supports this idea that Felix deserves even half of the hate people fling at him? Why does it continue on and on, why these others have already died out or are in the process of it?

If we say that it’s because of his brand of humor, well, that just isn’t even logic. “I don’t like him”, “It offends me”. No matter how many people say that same thing, has as much strength as a feather. All such arguments amount to is personal preference, an opinion that just doesn’t contribute anything to the real details. Logic involves an introspective process, a deeper look and critical thought, an attribution to more than just emotional reactions. To justify feelings of irrational anger by connecting it to purely emotional response to an otherwise inconsequential form of entertainment, however, is purely based on a personal emotional reaction. What it amounts to is “I hate him because I don’t like him”, circular logic that fails to make sense.

It wasn’t what the hatedom has, but what it doesn’t have. I realized that answer was that there isn’t an answer. There is no logic. People  When people say “I hate him because I don’t like him”, they’re essentially answering the what with the what, a fact that’s already been established. But to find the reason for something to exist, the question isn’t what, but why. There is just no one attempting to seriously look inside and just ask “Why do I hate this guy?”.

The other hatedoms have or are steadily dwindling away because of the reasoning we find behind it. Impotent rage and anger are easily extinguished by logic and understanding. And the like the humans we are, we fucking adapted. We either realized how stupid our reaction was, use it as a reminder of how something truly can go wrong, or just come to realize that there truly are worse things to worry about in the world.

However, the hatedom doesn’t just simply lack introspective, it outright refuses it. It’s why the hatedom stands out the most compared to those that have a good reason behind them. Without any clear direction, all it can do is fester and brood like the rat plague it is. It’s strange how one missing thing can lead to something so negative.

And speaking of negative, you’re probably gonna ask ‘how the hell are we supposed to get this hatedom to just shut the fuck up already, i’m tired of this bullshit fucking spilling over onto every aspect of social media, and how people go so low as to just make an insult at some guy I don’t care about for its own sake.”

Oh, Fennekin, you make me so proud…

Look at that. How does it feel a Pokemon start off grumpy and annoyed only to suddenly prance in place so joyfully because it finally spat a fire enough to melt your heart? That’s the reason why you see a cute picture at the start of every line of reasoning. Whenever you saw one of the pictures, did you notice how you stopped thinking about your job, your schoolwork, your hate, even just briefly, just because you something that made you happy?

Well there you have it. That moment you just let go of your anger, your hate, your sorrow, even if just briefly, just feels so fucking sweet. It’s more than just satisfaction, but the feeling that everything is just gonna be all right.

The thing about most hatedoms of things that deserve them is that the real reason why they don’t seem so big is because one crucial thing: people let go of their anger. No matter how big the hatedom is, it is still very much a complete minority on the internet; and it’s only gonna get smaller as people realize how misplaced their stress and worry was.

It’s not the first time we’ve actually liked something we consider unethical…

…and it’s sure as fucking hell won’t be the last.

All it simply proves is that we shouldn’t get paranoid over something, whether or not it is actually bad. If it is, it’s just a matter of accepting that, chances are, we’re gonna look back at it and just simply laugh. Sure, you didn’t like it, but is it the worst thing ever?

Dearie dearie, me; there is so much more that humans can eat up for the sake of shitting back out…

If there’s something even the King of Brofists can’t get wrong it’s this:

Life is too short to focus on the things you hate. Focus on what you love to do instead.

-Felix Kjellburg

So, what the bloody hell are you still doing here? Go out there and look for what you love, whether it be kittens, bunnies, donuts, ponies, or the blackest fucking coffee you’ll ever drink. If you’re still looking for a reason to love this guy, here you go.


Otherwise, here. Have some bunnies playing together.