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So, remember when I mentioned boogie2988 in my last post? No? Well, to be fair, I’m not exactly rolling around in the spotlight of the internet. But I digress.

It seems there’s still this ongoing problem within the gaming community. Somehow, no matter how much we’ve improved compared to the turn of the 7th generation of games, the general public refuses to look at gamers as anything but sexist, racist, homophobic, discriminatory dickbags; that we’re fueled by our hate and insecurity and are the scourge of our society. And the worst part is that the gaming companies and developers we know and love aren’t doing anything to clear this stigma.

I’m not even gonna bother getting into why this is coming up now. The point is simple. We’re better than these dicks. The dickbags that people think represent us? They’re just that: dickbags; not gamers, not geeks, not nerds. They’re. Just. Dickbags. Each one of us is more than that. Let’s take a hint from the Big B and prove ourselves, eh?

I’m a total asexual. I don’t feel that compelling force others feel to spur myself into a relationship. I’m a keep-to-myself guy for the most part. But I’m not without empathy. I see a problem, something that’s affecting others, I wanna solve it. Just get it outta the way, do away with it so that it’s no longer a problem or a nuisance. Find what caused that problem in the first place, then make sure that if it ever happens again, it better be a damn long time. I don’t waste time on hate; it’s a pointless emotion. The difference between ‘hate’ and ‘anger’ is that anger can be tempered, refined, controlled, and transmuted into something more useful, in which it’s no longer ‘anger’. ‘Hate’ is irrational, thoughtless, little more than a rocket without a guidance system.