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It wasn’t that long ago that I wrote an admittedly sloppy open letter to the crew of Extra Credits, as well as Mike Rugnetta of PBS Idea Channel politely asking them to reconsider their position while listing the accomplishments done by those standing by the GamerGate hashtag. In said letter, I purposely refused to list out the various falsehoods, crimes, and other sorts of repugnant behavior that Anti-GamerGate has been participating in, ranging from standard doxxing, threatening messages and attacks, collusion and corruptionfalse bans and censorship, harassment of neutrals and ProGGs alikea multitude of petty smear jobs; and petty, childish, and reprehensible behavior in general. I was not here to gaslight Extra Credits or Mike; I was here to appeal to their humanity and involvement in modern media.

I also wasn’t kidding about what I said at the end. Even if GamerGate doesn’t get their support, they’re still gonna win this through sheer force of will, honesty, and unity. Make no mistake; GamerGate is winning this fight, and by extension, humanity.

But that’s not what I’m here for. I’m here to talk about what GamerGate has led me to realize: something far deeper, far bigger than just ethics in journalism.

Okay, dude, but what are you rambling about?

SJW’s, obviously. If you’ve been reading the alt-text of the links I’ve put up in the introduction, you’ve seen that I’ve been throwing the term a lot.

An SJW, or Social Justice Warrior, is someone who takes on a far left-wing mentality that combines feminism, progressivism, and political correctness into a totalitarian system. They will try by all means possible to censor speech and pushing alternative lifestyles (hipsterism I guess you could call it), while discriminating against those they feel don’t physically adhere to their biology, mainly Caucasian men.

In terms of action, they create small communities to attack and disseminate any perceived “social injustices” by censoring speech, and attacking individuals whether through physical harm or legally by terminating them from their occupations. And the worst part about all of this is that they’re succeeding. They’ve invaded the upper castes of universities, media, and tech companies, and using that authority to impose their beliefs on those they feel are below them.

When I first heard of SJWs, a couple months before GamerGate, I simply thought of them as a bunch of crazy idiots, no better than conspiracy loonies who think that the world is dominated by lizard people. Their propensity to come up with overly specific labels, “snappy” catchphrases, accusing everyone of being “privileged”, and getting easily offended was stupidly amusing at best and infuriatingly stupid at worst. In the end, I thought nothing of them, believing that they’d just be some stupid trend that’d die out as soon as it appeared.

Well, as we can see now, I’m wrong. Not only does mainstream media buy into their bullshit, they also protect them at every turn. After all, “those being oppressed can do no wrong”. All of this, part of the SJW creed: nothing is ever their fault, and they are the victim.

Crazily enough, I came to all of this the day before I began writing this. I remembered a video from David Pakman detailing his stance on the events on GamerGate, stating that while he does very much recognize the problems with ethics in games journalism, the harassment of people on each side, and so on, he feels that the importance of it is arguably much smaller compared to environmental issues around the world, acts of terrorism taking place in the Middle East. Overall, he made a good point in all of this. As an aspiring writer and an avid gamer, I cringed at the practices games journalist and now left-wing media partook in, how they threw even the basic principles of journalism out the window, something I practiced and adhered back in high school. But in light of the issues around the world, it is pretty small.

Still, I supported GamerGate, and wanted to help those I called my comrades. I was reviewing the events of GamerGate, preparing to send e-mails to one of Gawker’s advertisers with proof of Gawker’s own lack of ethics for their occupation. Then a little something came back to mind. I remembered a random article I stumbled upon from Roosh Vorek, a renowned pickup artist who writes books based on his experiences. I didn’t much care for the guy, as my own lack of a sex drive made it impossible for the act of flirting to appeal to me, but the article wasn’t about that. This article details much of the SJW clique, from their mentality to their practices. A good portion of what I know now comes from this article. I was unpleasantly surprised by how much activity SJWs engaged in outside of the corners of the internet, something I had previously assumed was their only area of operation.

I went on to browse and converse with people on Twitter, then I came across this, a portion of what I think is a podcast featuring Internet Aristocrat, a major proponent for GamerGate. While it’s rather ranty, he details how the Millennial generation, those born after 1980 during the turn into the 21st century, the education system ended up taking a turn for the worse as the system went on the idea of simply coddling everyone instead of trying to help kids develop into the coming society (apparently the schools I went to, despite still sucking ass, missed the memo, seeing as I’m technically a Millennial, being born around 1993). Because of this, you basically end up with a generation of people who become narcissistic, even more so with the advent of social media, from MySpace to Facebook and Twitter, and now to Tumblr. At their cores, these people are little more than children without direction or real ambition, a desire to make the world better for others. And much like how a cult attracts young people with charisma, the small SJW collective came around to tell these people the one thing any narcissist would love to hear: nothing is ever their fault. If they feel unfulfilled, if they feel wronged, it’s someone else’s fault.

Okay, well, this stuff is making more sense, I guess, I think at this point. But this more or less just simply affirms what I more or less already suspected of SJWs. I mean, I knew that a portion of them are hipsters, I knew that they were absurdly fanatical.

But the real nail on the head was a completely unrelated incident during a Visual Literacy class I more or less took up for kicks. Our assignment was to take an advertisement or pop cultural symbol of sorts, and make an “Ad Jam” out of it. What this means is that we basically take the ad and modify it to parody, mock, criticize, or otherwise change the original message. You can find a multitude of examples here.

Seeing as we did an analysis of a review on James Cameron’s Avatar that more or less accused the movie of being racist, I felt it was appropriate to make mine on the subject of current liberal media on the internet, particularly Third Wave Feminism. And who is easier to mock, spoof, and otherwise criticize than…


I’ll admit, I spent most of my time wrapped up on how I’d make this subtle and “inoffensive”. However, it was late that night, my inhibitions were breaking down, so I may as well have been like some drunk guy after a pub crawl. So I decided “Y’know wat? Fukkit, I’m jusht gonna do wutevah da fuck I want!”, and did whatever came first into my mind.

So, as you can see, what I have here is a screenie I nabbed from Anita Sarkeesian’s Feminist Frequency, a web video series commonly criticized for it’s lack of research, and extremely obvious cases of bias and cherry-picking. As such, I replaced the thumbnail thing in the upper left with a smaller version of the original image. This is a representation her “research” was never real and simply that her videos amounted to “listen to me, listen to me”. This is further enforced by the headphone on her ear, with an admittedly crappily drawn wire connecting it to the thumbnail. Even further enforcing it is the speech bubble, which takes a number of things she’s said and rewrites them into stereotypical, trollish internet vernacular and grammer, done as a representation of how much of her activity is limited to the internet rather than real life. Overall, it’s saying that Anita Sarkeesian’s videos aren’t actual research or even educational videos. It’s her own little echo chamber, so that she can find some sense of security in her fragile little world. But this is done away with Hatsune Miku, the mascot of the Vocaloid voice synthesizer software, about to clock her from behind as she’s willingly ignorant of her surroundings, thus willingly ignorant of what society really thinks (the original image featured her about to pummel Kaito, a previous version of Vocaloid, as he’s in the middle of doing something stupid). This is in advent of the release of Bayonetta 2, which Polygon, owned by the far-leftist media news site Gawker, complains about the flirtatious and sultry personality and appearance the eponymous protagonist (while willingly ignoring the absolute fearlessness and bravery of said character). As for the tiny Phil Fish, that was a little easter egg I put in for shits and giggles.

I was brought up to the podium to explain this image, accepting questions from my professor and classmates. Said professor surprisingly turned out to be aware of the GamerGate hashtag, but misconstrued it to be about Sarkeesian who he mistook for Zoe Quinn, though I helped explain that it was more or less a series events that lead to this moment where the sleeping giant rears its ugly head. I kept the subject off GamerGate, since I felt that image was less about GamerGate as it was more about far left-wing media and ideology. As I explained about how the speech bubble was a parody of the things she said, purposely written in low-intellect internet vernacular, one of my classmates asked if this was a criticism of internet media as whole.

My mind ground to a halt, and went into processing mode. Suddenly, with this different point of view, and the pieces of information I’ve looked at earlier. I began coming to a new conclusion. GamerGate isn’t the real problem. My quick synopsis to the professor came back to me, “a series of events that led to this shitstorm”. Everything was connected. It was but one detail in the big picture. It was a picture made up of smaller pictures, something I’ve been focusing too much on.

Think about it, I realized. All these years, people complained about the internet making things too accessible. They were right, but not in the way we have previously thought. Originally, this referred to pornography, violent media, et cetera et cetera. The problem in the internet’s accessibility is in how easy it is for someone with no real merit or achievements under their belt to jump on and spew rhetoric that people become enamoured with, act as though they have authority when it turns out that they’re little more than Paper Tigers. People who lack ambition, following those who offer them any sort of direction, disregarding where it might lead them.

And as I looked at them, if I may invoke Godwin’s Law, I began to see parallels to Fascism. Barring nationalism, there’s more alike about them than I had thought. Totalitarian. Adherence to a Marxist ideology. Advocacy of direct violence and desire to purge those they feel fit their bill. Emphasis on youth (though this is more a result of most of them being Millennials, unless you take into account that a number of the big name GG supporters are noticeably older than anti-GGers). Reactions to sexuality that more amounted to absolute disgust rather than acceptance and advocacy. Funnily enough, Gawker had accused those in support of GamerGate of being Fascist. What keeps this from being ironic is that being part of this SJW collective, it’s only natural they’d be unable to admit to their own behavior. Even more strange is when Ian Miles Cheong, a self-admitted Nazi-Sympathizer, refuses to accept his past and blames it on media.

But I digress. I realized that this had already gone way past games journalism. We have the advent of Lena Dunham admitting to basically committing sexual assault on her younger sister, as a child in her biography and leftist media defending her, the exposure of Mattie Brice’s misandry and absolute lack of objectivity as an Indie Games Fest judge, the recent attacks on Twitter that led to Milo briefly being suspended from Twitter in an effort of censorship. This extreme left-wing ideology is pushing its way into all forms of media, because the media is allowing it. GamerGate is only just the battle. Society has yet to win the war.

And that just further encourages me to do this. I can’t stand at the thought of a future where my nieces are brainwashed into this borderline Fascist ideology. I can’t stand at the notion of my cousin, only sane one out of his family, being ostracized because he’s the only one smart enough to see through this bullshit. And as much wrong as I see in this country, I shudder at the thought of this being the real reason to leave, so I can flee from the insanity that’s infect it.

Unlike an SJW, I know that this isn’t just about me anymore. It isn’t just about gamers. It’s about our society. They may have started a fire, but they made the mistake of not using all their fuel.

Think you can provide the spark?