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Well then…

I’ll be honest and straight, I’m but a speck in the big picture. My name carries no weight, and my presence amounts to nil. But what this debacle needs isn’t just the voice the major figures, but the thousands of voices that people don’t get to hear because the media finds it too inconvenient to find the truth.

1. Could you please describe yourself?

Physically, I’m a 2nd Generation Vietnamese American. I effectively have no sex drive, though I do have a strong appreciation of the human body and form of both genders. I’m currently in the process of starting a comedy gaming channel on YouTube, with one full video up along with a trailer of sorts. I’ll admit, it’s a very rough start, as I’m still trying to learn the editing tricks to make increase the quality, and trying to make it render and upload more efficiently. On top of that, I’m currently looking to get a novel published, lost track of how long, but I’ll take care of those once I find a break from college.

Something that’d probably shock the few friends I have is that I’m something a nihilist. I truly honestly believe that all things come to nothing, and that acting as though it’s something incredible is just simply arrogance. And when it comes to authority and discipline… Well, despite how my two videos would imply, I’m very much rather iron-fisted. I aim not to just “treat” problems, but eliminate them with cold efficiency. Though I’ll also confess to a sadistic side as well. When faced with these SJWs, I don’t just want to put them down, I want to break their spirit and pride to remind them of their lack of importance in the grand scheme of things. It is only because of discipline and an unwillingness to stoop to their level that I refuse to.

2. What first attracted you to GamerGate?

Well, that’s why I’m only something of nihilist rather than full-on Nietzsche wannabe. Things suck enough. Why make it worse?

But that’s why I stick to following GamerGate. What drew me in was when I saw the “Gamers Are Dead” articles on some stupid website. Then I saw them on all the others. I could immediately tell something was up because it would take a lot of cohesion to just two websites to publish what is effectively the same article. Seeing almost ten websites do so? It’s too many coincidences for it to just be a coincidence. I figured that the internet would do it’s work, and kick these punks in the shins.

That’s when I found the censorship. I don’t usually watch MundaneMatt, even now. But after seeing that he had a video taken down, I searched up the topic of the video, Zoe Quinn. I found the debacle that was Quinnspiracy. The collusion was a sneaking suspicion that didn’t have any hard evidence at the time, but censorship is like a smoking gun.

The time I really tossed my hat with GamerGate was Sam Biddle’s infamous tweets… and the horrifying following it attained. My efforts might not mean much, but damn it all if I let humanity sink to such a low.

3. What are the most important topics of GamerGates work, according to you?

As the primary goal, GamerGate aims to bring ethics into Games Journalism and to raise the standards of the media that surrounds the Video Game industry. But I feel that we’ve come to expose an even larger enemy that festers in the meantime. Corruption has existed in the media for a long time; my brother-in-law, a marketing adviser, has pointed that out.

But while people complain that this debacle has brought out some the worst of the internet, I don’t see it as a reason to feel demoralized. In fact, I just think this makes our fight all the more meaningful. Many of the people we may have admired; Joss Whedon, Todd In the Shadows, Adam Sessler, Wil Wheaton, Moviebob, Jim Sterling, Extra Credits; have mutated into something else in light of this controversy, and tossed away the capacity of logic and reasoning that makes us human.

And that’s not even getting into SJWs yet. SJWs have previously been only a nuisance. But this has rattled them out of their nest. People that claim to stand for minorities and such, yet prove to be more than just hypocrites but also the most hateful people anyone could have the misfortune to encounter, want the world to spoil them and treat them like the children they are. I think we’re on the road of opening the world’s eyes to the perversion of justice… and making them understand that justice means nothing when it’s determined by a single collective.

4. Do you feel games journalism are lacking in ethics? In what way?

Very much. Bribery, extortion, nepotism run rampant to the point where it’s clear that these people don’t even believe in Cultural Marxism, but just simple despotism. You either have devs and publishers offering merch or hardware to journalists in hopes of positive coverage, or the journalists colluding together to give bad reviews and by extension damage the developer just for stupid things (I’m looking at you and your Bayonetta 2 review, Polygon).

Games Journalism to me has always simply been preachy, overexcited, or just plain boring. In one side, you get people who act as though they have the moral high ground (your Leigh Alexanders and so on), though in my personal beliefs morality never gave any ground to speak of in the first place. In the other side, you have people who just don’t simply admit that they prefer Call of Duties over Pokemons or God Hand (your IGNs).

But it’s not just that. Companies that claim to help independent developers also engage in this corrupt behavior. It’s practically the reason why Phil Fish’s Fez was even developed (there’s a video of that somewhere). And seeing the IGDA’s behavior as of late just makes it even more pointless to deny the existence of this corruption even in companies claiming to help developers.

And now, with these SJWs entering the scene, things are just getting messier.

5. Do you have any concerns with GamerGate?

Sometimes, I fear we boycott the wrong target once in a while. During the release of Far Cry 4, one of the head writers claimed that GamerGate will hate the story of this new installment of the Far Cry franchise. As such, a good bunch of people announced the desire to boycott the game. A guy that went by a handle containing “War Pig” said on a podcast this was a bad idea. Let’s not sugarcoat it, Ubisoft has been having a pretty bad track record in recent weeks. But boycotting Far Cry 4 because Kershner’s being an asshat is a disproportionate act as, like with the other projects, a lot of good people have been working on this game, and so we’d effectively be hurting them as well.

Me? Well, I continued with getting the game anyway because I’m more for the gameplay than the narrative (Far Cry’s narrative has always been lackluster at average anyway).

And lo and behold. While Far Cry 4 had some painfully obvious agenda placement, it took its own beliefs apart as it tried to build it up! If you don’t mind spoilers, here’s the lowdown: the rebellion you’re following has a schism within itself between two leaders. One side, Sabal, is fanatically traditional despite being most for keeping the people safe and hitting the enemy where it hurts. One the other, Amita (What, are you physically unable to be subtle, Kershner?) wants to Kyrat to progress out of being a third-world country, but she aims to achieve it by keeping the enemy’s drug business. After the main story mode while siding with Amita, it’s revealed that she has Kyrat under martial law and is in the process of implementing child labor to Kyrat’s drug trade while effectively saying you’ve outlived your usefulness to her (you can kill her immediately after, lol).

6. What is your opinion of Anita Sarkeesian?


Sorry, a minor joke I have between me and a friend of mine.

In any case, I have a lot of words to describe her. None of them are nice. But I’m more about the facts than the opinions. And the fact is that she is not the scholar she thinks she is. One, she’s a liar, obviously having done zero research of her subject matter in her web series. Two, she cares only about her own opinion, seeing as she closes down the comment and rating system on the videos. Three, she’s a con; where has the $150k that was donated to her KS gone, seeing as the quality of the videos hasn’t improved? Four, she is a coward. If she was confident of her cause, she’d post the praise her series as received. Hell, the most confident display the criticisms they receive and turn it around. Instead, she posts inane and ultimately harmless threats in order to make herself look like a victim. Someone doesn’t have the room to claim that s/he stands for another when she is entirely reliant on garnering pity from others. And seeing as McNtosh does all the writing for her videos in the first place, she truly can’t do anything for herself.

It was just simple but apathetic distrust at first. Now, I’m not gonna bother denying a sense of hostility towards her, as I feel it’s part of human nature as much as it part of animal nature. I would dump my tea on her and walk out of the room with my only regret of being in the same room with her in the first place. But when it comes down to it; as much as I find her to be devoid of any moral and academic standards, I don’t find her worth the effort, the time, or the annoyance. She’s a cockroach that refuses to die, but a cockroach nonetheless. Neutralizing her from the whole academic scene wouldn’t even count as a worthy achievement.

7. What is your opinion of Zoe Quinn?

When I learned of her “game”, Depression Quest (which I won’t even give the honor of italicizing), and merely scoffed at it. If it was attempting to depict depression, I thought, it’s doing a shit job and that’s just from the screencaps. Being a sufferer of depression for a long time, I’d say that Neverending Nightmares from Infinitap Games was literally (and I do mean literally) a more accurate depiction. Seriously, that game was mind screwing as hell! Depression Quest is a joke so bad that it probably got someone booed off stage.

The sex scandal alone has damaged her image. Whether or not she’s engaged in this illicit activity, it’s hard to have a high opinion of her. The fact that she’s actually done nothing to debunk these claim aside from censorship? The silence is deafening. Top that with how she attacked a charity run by 4chan (infamously known as the internet’s Wretched Hive), I knew that she was a rotten husk. It’s only natural she would resort to sympathy fishing which merely strengthened my resolve to aid this cause. Destroying her pride is nothing but a convenient byproduct.

I think for sure that this debacle has solidified my enmity towards this act of garnering pity, really. To garner pity is to fester in weakness. One believes they have those weakness, then they most certainly will.

8. What do you think about GamerGates connections with harassment?

The simple truth is that every demographic has a small but incessantly loud minority of nutjobs. I wouldn’t doubt that there are a couple of asshats trying to bug the Anti-GG crowd. But I also wouldn’t doubt that most of those engaging in this harassment are asshatted trolls that take advantage of this controversy, which if I remember right, goons from SomethingAwful have admitted to this.

But regardless of the source, what’s really important is how people handle it. Normal people try to ignore it. Weak people use it to garner sympathy. Smart people straight up don’t give a damn and turn it against the attacker. Judo mentality, but it tends to work for me.

9. What do you think about GamerGates origins?

GamerGate has been a loooooong time coming, probably even predating the controversy surrounding Mass Effect 3‘s ending. It’s an oil spill that was just waiting to ignite, and what happened with TFYC was just the spark. But now it’s about the fire. And what’s best to change this fire from something that destroys into something that alights and provides warmth.

10. Would you be interested in maybe doing a follow up interview later on?

Though I wouldn’t mind, but my information is incredibly bare bones, and as you can see, I have a lot of barely restrained enmity towards the behavior of Anti-GamerGate. Yes, what they’ve been doing is absolutely abhorrent, but at this point it’s just another fact on the page of GamerGate’s history. What is needed now is that the voices of those who truly care about others reach the masses.