About the Blog

It’s there for teh lulz… Okay, just kidding.

“My Ordinary Writer” is more or less a blog of my revelations and experiences I come across as I trudge along the difficult road of being a good professional writer of fiction. Many times, I find myself seeing the potential in a video game, comic, manga, or anime that can be used to turn it into something more, but then that potential is gone to waste. Other times, I find something about a show or game that is so compelling, but unable to figure out what it is until it comes to me.

No, I don’t do reviews. To me, reviews are just too opinionated and to play a game, watch a show, or read a book just for the sake of writing a page full of what is essentially criticism made too late ruins the spirit and possible fun of doing so.

My “Curiosity Killed the Motivation” series centers on my experiences of stumbling over something that piqued my interest only for find myself disappointed as an intellectual reader, watcher, and gamer.

Anything in the “Revelations” category is… well… kinda how it sounds. They basically my findings and discoveries of fiction and writing channeled into a blog post.


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