About Me

Layton’s the name, and in my world, I’m the game… Okay, that just sounded really narcissistic.

I’m a college student and aspiring writer hoping to just get something good and worthwhile published. As a lover of fiction, I also watch movies and TV, play video games, and an avid fan of anime and manga. I’m also an observer of people, watching their behavior to see how people are, though that’s probably just my Schizoid personality disorder.

Though I say that I’m a fan of games, TV, and anime & manga, I also try to stay down to Earth with my interests. I don’t collect figurines, posters, try to make gaming montages, etc. I also don’t have much of an interest of being a news site. The closest thing I’ll do as news would be posting a reaction to something, such as my reaction to Little Busters! getting an anime adaption.

Chances are, you’ll find my revelations, overviews, and other stuff here on the blog, so if you, like me, are aspiring writers, lovers of fiction, or just deep thinkers, make yourself at home. Just mind the cobwebs.


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