What usually takes a movie an hour or two…


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This short film does in three minutes.

Visit the artist and animators site here, and music composer’s site here.


Cry Drops an Anvil We Should All Learn


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Yeowch, that is just painful. But it’s a reminder that Youtubers are people too, that the games they play aren’t trophies. Yeah, people can get famous over the internet, but let’s face it. On the internet,¬†anonymity¬†puts us all on the same level. In the end, none of us is particularly all that much better than the other.

Too much going on in life.


Om nom nom

Chances are, someone’s noticed that haven’t really done any major posts in the past month. With college, family, and lack of inspiration (also, Skyrim) on my back, I’m really starting to lose out on stuff to do on my blog. I’m pretty sure it’ll come back to me at some point, though, so no worries, right?